Web-based electronic signature and document processing service

Welcome to™, one of a large network of electronic signature and online forms processing web sites serving tens of thousands of customers world-wide.

NOTICE: For most users, please click on the unique link sent to you via email to access and/or electronically sign your documents or online forms. There is no way to access your documents from this page.

Alternatively, you may be completing and/or digital signing your documents from another web site, so you may want to use your browser's BACK/PREVIOUS button to return to that web site.

Otherwise, please contact the party who directed you to fill out and/or electronically sign its documents to get the correct link to retrieve them.

** Note that Yozons is a digital signature technology provider and cannot help with questions related to forms or documents presented to you on this service. Such documents belong to customers of Yozons, and you should contact them directly.

If you are interested in adding online forms and/or electronic signatures to your business like the ones you saw using the service here, is driven by Yozons Technology, the long-time leader in web-based electronic signature software since 2000.

Benefits earned by customers hosted on technology

  • Electronic signatures allow for legal, paperless contracting using open, industry-standard technologies.

  • Sign check-in documents in your lobby -- some professional and medical services are even using a couple of iPads for check-in and HIPAA privacy policies.

  • Send out sales agreements and other business contracts easily and instantly to a worldwide audience.

  • Hire new employees using online packages of documents.

  • Sign financing documents for new loans or for debt consolidation.

  • Know the status of all documents in the process flow that supports multiple documents and multiple parties. You'll never lose another document or have to wait while someone else is processing it.

  • Keep track of and access all your data stored in your documents.

  • Push and pull data to and from anywhere over the Internet, including integration with other systems like CRM, accounting, credit card processors, background investigations, payroll systems, etc. Data inside forms is fine, but moving that data where it's needed saves time and money with fewer errors.

  • Create reusable HTML fragments, pages and documents.

  • Secure access to your documents from anywhere in the world.

  • Full encryption of documents and data ensures privacy.

  • Digital signature technology creates provably original snapshots of documents, data and activity logs.

  • Activity logs keep track of the process flow.

  • Easy versioning between test and production code. All code is online accessible.

  • Documents in standard HTML+CSS ensures their accessibility now and in the long-term future across myriad devices including PCs, tablets and smart phones.

  • No proprietary data formats, document formats or digital signatures to lock up what's rightfully yours.

  • Offline signature verification allows documents and transactions to be exported for long-term storage outside of the platform, so you're not even dependent forever on this great technology.